Show Me The Money: The Entertainment Business Salary Guide

Working in entertainment gives you the unique opportunity to be paid for your passion and talent while doing projects that can impact an audience of millions.

However, a career in this business is frustrating for most, particularly because of the lack of salary and pay standards you’ll find at most record labels, television networks, and movie studios.

The answer is to take control of your career by creating your own standards when it comes to work and money.

Below are free resources that will teach you how to be paid what you’re worth for your creative work.

The “Show Me The Money” Mindset

The Surprising Way To Measure Your Success – Stop weighing your career based on your current status and get down to what really matters.

Who Is the Executive Producer of Your Career? -  Only one person should be in charge of your work life – you.  Embrace that truth and you’ll  give yourself permission to earn exactly what you want from your job.

“Show Me The Money” Techniques

4 Ways To Get A Raise (Without Asking) – Begging for a yearly 3% increase sucks. Learn how to earn more money without involving your boss.

3 Questions to Ask Before Working For Free – A passion project can boost your personal brand or cloud your focus. Learn how to choose the best use of your free time.

BONUS: 3 Ways To Create A Superstar Portfolio – So, you deserve higher pay for what you do? Then prove it with a collection of your work that stands out from the crowd.

Was this Salary Guide helpful for you? More resources for entertainment industry professionals are on the way!

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