Get Known As The Go-To Guy In The Entertainment Industry With A “Personal Brand Blog”

Facebook isn't enough. In this business you need your own buzz building website to boost your career.

Everyone knows that the entertainment business works through relationships, right?

However, the big problem is this – how do you connect with other professionals in your field in a way that gets you the projects and gigs that you really want?

And how do you make a name for yourself that people will remember and refer, without resorting to pushy and obnoxious networking tactics?

Don’t get fooled into thinking “social media” is the answer.

From Facebook and Twitter, to LinkedIn and IMDB, there are an endless number of sites where you can collect “friends” and promote yourself. However, you’ll see more people harm their reputation and waste their time on these sites, than find any reliable job leads.

Here’s the thing – you don’t need a bigger social network. You need an AUDIENCE. And the absolute best way to create an audience online is through your own blog.

But I’m not talking about the type of blog where you shoot videos of your cat, or gossip about the latest celebrity breakup, or post love poems about your date last night.

Yes, you may attract a gawking audience of strangers that way, but it won’t be the circle of entertainment industry thinkers and doers, gatekeepers and green lighters that you need for career success.

The site you have to create is a Personal Brand Blog, a place to highlight your own name in bright lights, and talk shop about your craft.

A Personal Brand Blog earns you a targeted audience that will strengthen your creative reputation, and attract tight relationships with other like minded professionals.

Unlike a profile on social media sites, like Facebook and Tumblr, a Personal Brand Blog is under your own complete control.

Launch a Personal Brand Blog and you’ll get power over the direction of your career.

When an employer searches for your name on Google (and you know they do!) they will find your site, a relevant Personal Brand Blog that gives you immediate credibility.

When you go out to events and someone asks for your card, they’ll get your name and number, and a link to your Personal Brand Blog so they can stay connected to you.

Industry insiders who you have no connection to, will discover you through your Personal Brand Blog. And when you want to get access to an event that’s too expensive or too exclusive, you can score a spot on the guest list using that same Personal Brand Blog.

I don’t care if you send out 50 tweets a day. No social media site will do more for your standing in our industry than a Personal Brand Blog.

How do I know? Well, it’s because I run two of my own Personal Brand Blogs!

Hello, my name is Hashim Warren.

I’m a Web Strategist for Television with 7 full-time years in the business, and the editor of my own Personal Brand Blog called Career Green Light.

I broke into the entertainment business through my first Personal Brand Blog, which was about hip-hop music. That small site gave me the audience I needed to hop over the industry gatekeepers and get hired at music and television companies.

So, even though I’m a college drop out, I’ve worked full time for major entertainment brands like BET Networks, Vibe Magazine, and Def Jam. I’ve been featured as a music pundit on MSNBC and New York radio, and I’m the winner of MTV’s job hunting reality show, “Hired”.

This Personal Brand Blogging stuff has really worked out for me!

Through my seven years of working in the business, I’ve been constantly asked by co-workers and colleagues to teach them the right way to launch a blog.

Some I helped with one-on-one consulting to launch a site that showcased their professional knowledge and passion. But I had to turn down most people because I was too busy working on my own career.

Now I’ve found a win-win situation that will allow me to help as many people in our profession as possible without overwhelming myself.

I’m teaching a six week online class on Personal Brand Blogging – a specific, powerful form of blogging that helps you boost your brand, expand your network, and snag the best jobs in the industry.

The online class will be much more in-depth and engaging than you reading a book on the same topic. And it will be much cheaper and faster than hiring me or another web pro for one-on-one help.

I want you to register for this online class, so you can escape the time wasting ditch of online social networks, launch your own Personal Brand Blog, and take control of your career in entertainment.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • One online lesson a week, for 6 weeks. You’ll learn exactly what to do to create a new blog, or revamp an existing blog to make it worthy of your personal brand. At the end of the course you will have a professional site that you will be proud to link to from your Facebook page, your business cards, and your resume.
  • Archived lessons, always available to you. If you’re busy and can’t make it to every class, don’t worry. You’ll have the lessons in your own private online space, to access at your own pace.
  • Fast action worksheets. I provide helpful worksheets, so that after each class you can make progress on your Personal Brand Blog immediately.
  • Best-in-class blogging resources. I will tell you exactly which online tools you should use so you won’t waste time and money testing all of the options out there. Yes, I’m a techy, but even for my own projects I prefer services that are easy to use and the best deal for my money. I’ll give you the resource sheets you need to make the same choices.
  • Free class upgrades, for life. As one of my first students, you will receive updates to the class whenever I add new lessons for future students. You will receive these upgrades for free, for life.

Register for the Personal Brand Blogging class and here’s exactly what you’ll learn:


  • WEEK 1 (Dec 17th): “The Easy Way to Launch an Awesome Personal Brand Blog.” (Hint: it has nothing to do with being a good writer)
  • WEEK 2: “Choosing Your Topic and Format.” There are five blog formats you can choose from, including video blogging and podcasting. I’ll walk you through choosing a topic and format that works best with your talent.
  • WEEK 3: “One Hour Blog Set-Up.” I will show you how to create a good looking, professional blog under your own domain name in record time. This is the same no fuss method I use to get a new web project up and running quickly.
  • WEEK 4: “Social Media and Blogging.” I will teach you how to promote your blog in social media in a smart way that keeps your audience engaged with you for the long haul. Hanging out on Facebook and IMDB is useless by itself. But, combined with your Personal Brand Blog, it’s powerful.
  • WEEK 5: “Gatecrasher Blogging.” I will show you how to use your Personal Brand blog to score access to almost any event, meet the most important people in your field, and even make money from advertising.
  • WEEK 6: I’m reserving this class. I’ll create it based on your needs and feedback. I want to make sure to cover everything you need and leave nothing out that will be helpful to you.

Now, here’s something really cool. Register as one of my first 10 students and I have a few extras for you.

This will be my first time teaching this material to a group, instead of one-to-one, and in person. So, as a gift for being one of the first 10 charter members to the Personal Brand Blogging course, you’ll receive:

  • A $100 voucher to advertise your blog on Google, Youtube, and thousands of other sites. You’ll instantly have a targeted audience for your blog without having to beg your friends for promotion. (Where do I get the vouchers from? I’m in a Google program that gives me these free discount codes to hand out to my Web Strategy clients. I’ve put aside one for you, if you sign up as one of the first ten students in the class.)
  • A 20-minute blog consulting call. After the class is finished, you’ll have another 3 month window to book one complimentary consulting call with me. I’ll hop on the phone with you, and we’ll walk through your blog and handle any lingering issues you may have, so you can can continue your blogging with confidence you’re on the right track.
  • My “How To Hire A Web Designer” webinar. I will give you a video that shows you exactly how to get free or low cost work from a top notch web designer. One person said that if she’d watched my webinar before she hired her last web designer, she would have saved months of work managing the person.

You have questions about the Personal Brand Blogging course? I have answers!

When does the class take place?

It starts on Saturday, December 17th and continues for the next 6 weeks. Even if you can’t attend on class dates, the lessons will be archived for you to use whenever you need it.

Where is the class located?

At your home or office. Because this is an online course, there is no physical classroom and no travel expenses.

How much does the course cost?

The entire 6 week course costs 3 installments of $49. Each installment is spread out over 2 weeks, to make it easy for you to manage.

How do I know if I am one of the first 10, and can get the bonuses?

After the first 10 people register, I will change this page to take off the bonuses. So hurry – since this is the first time I’m offering this course online, I have no idea how many people will register immediately.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. I use Paypal to collect class payments. I never see any of your credit card information. Also, if you want to cancel the class or get a refund, you can use the link in Paypal and never have to contact me directly.

I don’t use Paypal. Is there another way I can sign up?

You don’t need a Paypal account to register. Look for that option when you click on the “order now” button below.

If you’re new to how I help professionals in the Entertainment Industry with their technology and personal brand issues…

here’s what one of my former clients has to say:

“I have sharpened my focus and have cut out many personal brand killers. I’m being offered freelance projects that strengthen my producer brand. I also am being offered payment for work that was previously done pro-bono. I would recommend your coaching packages to anyone serious about making it in this business. The session inspired a new confidence in my abilities and gave me a framework to build my personal brand from.” – Timothy Nishimura, coaching client.

And here’s another:

I am even more focused on reading the materials which Hashim has provided on branding myself and listening to the MP3′s. I liked Hashim’s formula for success:  Be You, Be Useful and be Unique.  Hashim spent over 30 minutes just on making sure that I understood this formula. I certainly recommend Hashim Warren as anyone’s coach because he is sincere and diligent. I had been following his articles for several months and sharing them with professors and professionals.  Don’t think twice – Hire Hashim Warren.  Valerie Samuel, coaching client

And I might as well share the testimonial a colleague wrote about me:

Hashim has built a reputation amongst high profile bloggers as the “go to” guy for the newest advances in internet marketing. Being a part of Hashim’s network has immeasurably broadened my understanding of effective internet monetization techniques. Cheryl Aldave, former collegue, posted this unsolicited testimonial on my LinkedIn profile.

Take the Personal Brand Blogging online class for two weeks to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If you aren’t confident that you can launch an awesome Personal Brand Blog that makes you stand out as the go-to professional in the entertainment business…

If you aren’t sure that owning a site that you control is better for your reputation than promoting yourself on Facebook or any other social media site…

If you aren’t completely satisfied with my in depth, easy to follow training…

Just click the “cancel” link within the first two weeks of the class and you will automatically receive all of your money back. The pressure will be on me to WOW you. There’s no risk for you.

Register Now for Three Payments of Only $49

Sign up to hold your spot in the class. Remember – be one of the first 10 to register and receive a $100 online advertising voucher and other bonuses.

One More Thing

If you are registering in the USA, the cost of the course may be eligible as a tax write off because it is a career expense. Check with your tax advisor for details, and mention “IRS Publication 529″.

So, if you are ready to:

  • Create a Personal Brand Blog that you can be proud of
  • Impress hiring managers with your online presence
  • And get access to high profile people and events across the industry

Then I’m ready to help you. Don’t sit on the fence with this. Register now, and get your free bonuses.