Get Control Of Your Career in Entertainment

Everyone knows that success in the entertainment industry comes from a mix of talent, hard work, and luck, right?

But spend a few years in the business and you’ll see that the most talented don’t land the best gigs, the hardest working can be buried by politics, and even luck won’t save you from a round of blind layoffs!

There has to be another layer that earns you a stable career as a modern creative professional. There has to be a way to take control of your career path, even in the unpredictable music, film, and television business.

3 Elements You Must Master for a Successful Career

You’re in the right place. Every week at Career Green Light we explore the rock solid strategies and tactics people are using to get ahead of the game. However, there are only three foundational ideas that every creative professional needs to understand. Here they are:

#1. Master Your Money. Check out the Salary Guide for Entertainment Jobs to learn how you can control what you make.

#2. Master Your Professional Reputation
. Dive into a guide full of proven tips for Personal Brand Design.

#3. Master Your Business Network
. Learn how to meet other professionals in music, television, and film.

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